How I choose my Location

Hey guys this is a question that I get asked a ton. How do I choose the location. I look for 3 things and it is really simple. The first thing is the direction it faces. Does the most appealing aspect of the location face east, west, north or south. Since I shoot more in the evening I looking at where the sun is going to set, which is the west and I want that behind my subjects PERIOD!

Second, Is a continuation of number one. It has to have good light! You seen my images. In order to get the same look for everyone I need a well lit area, Pretty is not important but good light is. I also need a little bit of shade from the trees or buildings.

Third, is it easy to access? Can my clients have some privacy and find me easily. A lot of my locations are on the side of the road or an abandoned lot with a parking lot near by. I prefer this over the big parks where this a ton of people and parking is crazy. I don’t want to spend too much time trying to find people and giving directions. Most of the times people do not see what I see as far as beauty because parks are beautiful to people but remember the camera isn’t shooting a whole scene just you. So if you pull up to a random field do not be alarmed because I got you! We will get great images.

Please think about where you may want your photographer to do your next session, just because its pretty doesn’t always mean it will work. Keep it simple and easy. The focus should be on playing and loving on your family. As a lifestyle photographer in Houston that is all I want to capture, so I leave the fluff at home.

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