Create a Family Yearbook with your portraits.

Family portraits is a common thing. More and more moms are booking those sessions, getting their families dressed and sending out their Christmas cards with their freshly captured images. What if I told you that there are other ways to use your images. I typically use two different ways in my home. I frame my pictures (which we will discuss in a later post). And I also create a family album.

Would you believe me if I told you that my children love seeing their yearbook. It is literally our favorite picture book. And I recently started to offer it to clients. Most people are apprehensive at first because it is an investment but just think about the legacy and the tradition that is within the pages of your yearbook.

The benefit of choosing a session that includes an album simply means that I take care of everything from the designing, the ordering and shipping it off to you! I choose books that can with stand the life of little ones and also look good on your self. Not convinced yet! Ask me to bring one too our session for you to see and feel and it will change your mind

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