Front Porch Sessions

Hey hopefully when you read this Covid-19 is over and a distance memory. Like everyone else I too am so tired of quarantine. Homeschooling, the loads of house work, stressing about the economy and work and just needing a break from the kiddos.But at the same time I am a super sentimental mom and I documented as much of this as possible because as much as I hate that my children had to live through the isolation and fear, our way of life will be altered forever. How we lived and moved through life before will become a story that begins with, remember when…. One thing I wanted to do for others is to simply document families during this time. As families we have each other and we are safe, and that is all that mattered. I felt like it was a perfect time to take portraits because the appreciation for what we have increased by 1000% . I offered these sessions in my area only because I wanted to stay close to home and serve as many people as possible and the response was overwhelming but amazing all at the same time. I met some awesome people in my neighborhood and I truly felt blessed to be able to do this! Everyone put their own spin on the session so each one was very unique. I hope that when these families look back they can see how far we’ve come and how lucky they are!

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