3 Wardrobe tips for Mom

Hey Mamas!!

Most mamas do not take my advice but I am going to give it anyway 🙂 Here are 3 tips I give all my moms, whether they listen is up to them. But if you do your wardrobe planning will go much more smoothly.

First. Choose your clothing FIRST!!!!! I can’t express this enough. We are the hardest ones to shop for PERIODT (yes I said periodt I want you to feel the emphasis lol). most of us start looking for cute clothes for little sally and jimmy, you find them and then start looking for yourself, only to have a hard time finding clothes in that color palette. You get frustrated and end up buying something you hate or have to keep starting over. Okay let’s avoid that by choosing something you love and look good in. My clients get to access to Style and Select to help out with choosing wardrobe. Let’s just say it’s a beautiful pale blue maxi. Your outfit is done and now you can start building the wardrobe for the kids, it should be easy to find them something that compliments your pale blue dress.

Second. Make sure you are comfortable, that means trying your outfit on with the same undergarments you will use for the session. Because you should be able to sit, stand, walk and even kneel comfortably but also check to see if your undies fit okay and if your bra strap keeps sliding down your arm. Then just adjust accordingly

Third. Think about the location. You wouldn’t want to wear formal clothes or jeans and a sweater to a spring beach session, would you? There is a time a place for jeans and a top , Flowy maxi dresses and formal attire. Keep all that in mind.

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