Summer Session Styling {Pearland, Texas| Pearland Family Photographer}

We know that styling is an important part of sessions. And it is not always easy. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Choose to coordinate over matchy-matchy
  2. Choose 3-4 colors make sure that includes neutrals
  3. Look around your house to get color inspo.
  4. Pastels, Bold or Neutrals

Matchy matchy is a thing of the past. It’s okay if you have little ones and they are all in the same outfit but for family portraits you are creating art so think of coordinating. This will help in creating timeless images.

Choose 3-4 colors. You can choose colors that compliment each other and pick a couple of neutrals to tie it all together or you can start with one outfit that may have a pattern and choose solid pieces to compliment that outfit.

When you are shopping for your home you stick to a color palette, Right? Colors you love and make you feel good. If you plan on using your images in your home, then pull colors from your decor. Your family photos will fit in nicely that way.

Pastel, deep/bold or neutrals are perfect because they are easy to work with any location and most lighting situations These type of colors will not cause you to look hot orange, pink or green. Color casting is common when you wear super bright colors, so let’s try to avoid that!

Below I’ve put together some styles for the summer. Check it out! Access to my client closet and Style & Select is available with some of my sessions, and I am always available to help.

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