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Life with kids is a beautiful hot mess

Just so you know Mama this family thing is hard.... mostly the kids and sometimes the husband (I am right there with you!!)  I get that you are the ONLY person in your family that cares about documenting it all. You just want to hold on to everything about this season of life no matter how cray it gets.  And that is where I come in. I shoot family sessions how I would want someone to photograph my family because photos are important to me too. So just know that the craziness does stop when you get in front of my camera just embrace it and soak it all in.These are you people, just get them together throw some cute clothes on and let's create memories and art while we are together.

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Lawrence Fam
Akindale Fam


It's time to cherish these moments they are fleeting

Pregnancy is hard and you may not be sure if you have the energy to get infront of the camera. Just know that we keep the movements simple and minimal. Alot of times I will tell you to just stop and breath and enjoy this moment!  

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Show them what you do and who you are!

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Have you been thinking of new images for your brand?

LET's get more than just headshots

I’ve been photographing for more than 6 years and I am very familiar with the "Boot Strapping business model." I realized fellow businesses, creatives and mom-entrepreneurs need great content. You may have plenty of iphone photos, selfies and headshots, but what about imagery that isn’t just more forgettable shots of you smiling at the camera with a cell phone and cute coffee cup in hand? 

Because, let’s be honest - how many times can you hire newbie photographers and friends to grab a few photos of you before the disappointment of having images that are just okay, and that doesn't say anything about who you are as a person or what your brand represents. 

The world doesn’t need more pictures of you smiling at a laptop your business is more than that!

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